Website Design

As a dedicated web designer, I have spent years refining my skills in creating visually captivating websites. My expertise lies in design, complemented by a working knowledge of coding, which allows me to bring my designs to life.

Throughout my web design career, I have had the opportunity to work on various exciting projects. One notable example is my work with B'Spoke Coffee, where I successfully developed an e-commerce site, overseeing the design and implementation process.

B'Spoke Coffee Redesign 2022

Three Unique Websites, One Designer

B'Spoke Coffee's digital journey underwent three distinct phases, and I was at the helm of all three projects. The first iteration involved a cost-effective approach using an off-the-shelf free WordPress theme, which I tweaked and customized to establish a fully functional website and blogging platform for the new company.

Original site:

B'spokes old website

For the second special Christmas site, I drew inspiration from designer Adi Wright's new logo for B'spoke and rough concept to create a distinctive and engaging site using WooCommerce within WordPress. Although it was my first time building a WooCommerce site, the result was a resounding success.

Adi's Supplied concept below, along with a rough drawing from Nick at B'spoke

B'spokes xmas concepts

Here is how it turned out (screenshot so not showing header or footer)

B'spoke Christmas website screenshot

The third site was a creative combination of the previous Christmas site, innovative design concepts from local artist Pip Claffay -, and my own contribution. The design drew inspiration from Pip's dripping graphic, which I transformed into a dynamic visual element. For a touch of fun and personality, I animated one of Pip's bicycle graphics using the GSAP javascript animation library, which reacts to users scrolling.

With WooCommerce as the backbone, I applied custom requests, such as free postage over £25 (excluding subscriptions) and offered lessons on how B'Spoke could update the website themselves. The end result was a clean and functional shop interface that showcases their products effectively.

B'Spoke Coffee love their website; you can check it out at

Pip's concepts.

Rune Creative's B'spoke Coffee website conceptRune Creative's header idea

Early mockups. All too busy.

My initial mockups for B'spoke Coffee

Final simplified dripping graphic.

dripping header graphic

For the homepage I removed everything except the logo, and added a menu. Below is the tablet view.

bspoke website homepage

I put some of Pip's original graphics in the footer of the desktop site (instagram feed shown above).

bspoke website footer