Hi. I'm Ben.

About Me

I'm a web designer and front end developer who also enjoys taking photos and making music. I started back in 1998 when CSS didn't really exist, IE6 hadn't arrived and I usually knew more than my boss. It's been a journey of constant learning and progression, but thankfully I'm someone who's always looking to better myself and keep my brain cells active.

The evolving nature of the web has meant that much of the work done for larger companies no longer exists, and even this site has gone through six redesigns over the years. Bye Bye Javascript rollovers, Flash banners, inline frames. Hello HTML5, CSS3, Javascript libraries, and mobile compatibility.

My hair is red btw...

work timeline


As a web developer I have worked in various capacities on the following websites:

Arvac, Atlantic Golf, Birkenstock, Boots, British Heart Foundation, Burton Menswear, Carrick James Market Research, Channel 4, CHI2, Church of England, CitroƩn, Currys, Dorothy Perkins, Elf Love, Evans, Grove Music, Hawkshead, JD Williams, Jewsons, Jocelyn Warner, Kate Baden Fuller, Kingston University, Labour Party, Law & Auder Records, Levitt Bernstein Architects, Link, LloydsTSB, Loom, Mazda, Mercedes, Ministry of Sound, Miss Selfridge, Monastery of Sound, MyMiniMonoMyth, NASUWT, Okupi, Online Publishing, SmartStream Technologies Ltd, SU214, Tate Online, TopMan, TopShop, Zoom and more...

Below are some examples of my web design and flash work.



That old site

I almost left Flickr and did remove a fair amount of content, but now they've redesigned and made it more attractive, I'm still there though not updated recently.


My new favourite photo site

500px is a website full of gorgeous photos. I work on my photos before uploading to this site.


Music is a lovely obsession.

It started for me way back as a child with reluctant piano lessons, but took a twist back in the mid 90's thanks to an amiga 500 and cheap yamaha keyboard...

Pure cheese followed until changes in fortune allowed a laptop to enter the scene in 1999. Electronic noise took off in extreme... Melody came later and then public performances, received with joyous smiles. Mostly.

In 2002/3 I formed bands 'Bien' and 'BBTC' with friends, then started working with pedal steel maestro BJ Cole, and finally realised that to make a living out of music was a hard road to go down, and I was better off doing it for fun. Right now I'm enjoying my output.

  • Misterben

    My main musical output. I have some old tunes on MySpace, some more recent tracks on Sound Cloud, and some new tracks waiting to be mastered. Mostly chillout electronic music, but recently I'm making House tunes with my toddlers sampled vocals.

  • The Great Benandi

    A band I started to promote my crazier output after being invited to submit a dubstep track for Law & Auder records compilation. Bandcamp and here

  • BBTC

    Folky electronic music made with my friend TC. Always a treat to make music together. We've an old page on Myspace, and have some recent music being prepared for bandcamp.

  • Bien

    A band I used to be in with another friend Dave. We've a myspace page with a few tunes.

  • The BJ Cole "Trouble In Paradise" Trio

    Band that I joined to help the artist BJ Cole tour an album that he'd made using many musicians. We had gigs at Big Chill, Bestival and other festivals as well as gigs around UK and Europe. I played a laptop live and remixed the album tracks (using Ableton Live). You can read more about this on BJ Cole's website


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